UVU Academic Classroom Building

Owner: DFCM - UVU

Architect: CRSA

Electrical Engineer: Spectrum Engineer

General Contractor: BIG-D Construction

Location: Orem, Utah

Completion Date: Nov 2014

Electrical Cost: $7,211,000

UVU in Orem is presently the largest institution for higher education in the state with more than 33,800 students. The completion of the UVU Classroom building has helped to keep up with the growing student population which continues to show positive signs of continued growth. The building was designed to incorporate well into the existing campus and was tied in through use of connecting corridors.

The new facility is 244,000 square feet and is the largest on the campus. It was designed to seat more than 3600 students per hour within 34 classrooms ranging in size from 40-330 seat capacity. There is also a 990-seat auditorium designed to be divided into various sections for flexible use.

The Classroom building has remained on the cutting edge with its use of technology and stands out with the aesthetics of its 21st century architecture. It was designed with daylight being an important feature throughout the building and has functions with its core systems throughout the building being automated for peak energy efficiency. It was a LEED-registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and is certified as LEED Gold as well as recognized by the associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. for Honorable mention, Institutional over $10-million.

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