Supersonic Car Wash Orem

Supersonic Car Wash Orem

Owner: Supersonic Car Wash

Architect: Ken Harris Architects

Electrical Engineer: Royal Engineering

General Contractor: Ellsworth Paulsen Construction

Address: Orem, UT

Completion Date: Jan 2007

Electrical Cost: $192,900

This award-winning project includes an automatic car wash tunnel, 15 bays for detailing and other related services, vacuums, and lounge area for customer service. The design is very unique yet very functional. Pre-cast wall panels were used to accelerate construction during the winter months. The exterior design features were carried through-out the interior of the building including wedge shaped cut patterns in the lobby floor that were stained multiple colors and polyurethane to give it a brilliant high gloss appeal. Also included is the 20,000-gallon cast-in-place concrete reservoir for wastewater storage.

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