Provo Power Campus

Owner: City of Provo

Architect: VCBO

Electrical Engineer: ECE, LLC Consulting Engineers

General Contractor: Layton

Location: Provo, Utah

Completion Date: Sept 2016

Electrical Cost: $1,800,000

Provo Power is the largest municipal Utility in the state. Constructed back in 1940, it served the needs for the city of Provo and expanded its operation just 20 years later in 1960 when it took on its final addition. At that time, it was designed to serve nearly 20,000 residents and with years of growth in the Utah Valley area the original outdated and unsound facility was coping with the needs of 120,000 residents.

The old facility was demolished recently in 2016, along with the demolition of the iconic smoke stakes that had well surpassed the test of time. This made way for the newly designed Provo Power Facility which was completed late 2016 and now houses approximately 70 employees. The new facility includes administration offices, shops, and garages for equipment, and the power plant itself.

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