Eccles Outpatient Care Center & Jon & Karen Huntsman Cancer Center

Owner: Intermountain Healthcare

Architect: Anshen & Allen

Electrical Engineer: Spectrum Engineers

General Contractor: Okland

Location: Murray, UT

Completion Date: Oct 2007

Electrical Cost: $3,550,000

Standing as the largest hospital in Utah and in the middle of the Salt Lake City Metro Area, the IHC Medical Center of Murray is the flagship hospital for Intermountain Health Care. The facility sits on over 100 acres and contains 454 beds. IHC themselves consider this facility not as one large hospital, but rather five smaller hospitals all considered to be “interconnected centers of excellence.”

Wilkinson Electric was privileged to be a part of the construction team, for this cutting edge medical facility. We were entrusted with the task of constructing (2) of these “Centers of Excellence.” Over a construction period of 2 1/2 years we successfully completed the Electrical work of the Outpatient Center and the Cancer Center helping to contribute the overall success of this facility.

These two centers contained many difficult obstacles that are common in the construction of any technologically advanced hospital. Wilkinson Electric was successful in completing MRI rooms, CT scan rooms, Gamma Knife rooms, Linear Accelerator rooms, X-ray, Surgical Suite, Nuclear Medicine, and Operating Rooms. This experience helped Wilkinson Electric to become a leader in the construction of complex medical facilities.

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