Kaysville Centennial Jr. High School

Kaysville Centennial Jr. High School

Owner: Davis School District

Architect: VCBO Architecture

Electrical Engineer: BNA Consulting

General Contractor: Hughes General Contractor

Location: Kaysville, UT

Completion Date: Aug 2011

Electrical Cost: $3,300,000

The 2-story dynamic Centennial Jr. High School was constructed of combinations of metal, glass, block, brick, and steel offering a sleek modern feel for education in the 21st century. Even more impressive, the heart of the structure was designed to provide students with an integrated learning workplace. Each student enrolled in the school is provided a laptop to facilitate “virtual teaching”. Thus, in every classroom two Wi-Fi hot spots were installed, along with sufficient power and resources to enhance virtual teaching.

The School layout also provides collaborative learning spaces containing display screens and computer workstations. This innovative design required a dense electrical infrastructure which was efficiently furnished and installed to help bring this project to an award-winning completion.

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