Sevier Valley Hospital Addition/Remodel & Office Bldg.

Owner: Intermountain Healthcare

Architect: HKS

Electrical Engineer: BNA Consulting

General Contractor: BIG-D

Location: Richfield, UT

Completion Date: April 2015

Electrical Cost: $4,216,000

This Project started out as a 2-level medical office building built onto the existing hospital with a size of 44,000 square feet. Once the phase I portion was completed we moved into phase II which consisted of a complete demo of the existing hospital space which housed a new MRI unit, CT scan, Nuclear medicine, and x-ray room along with office and additional nursing space.

In phase II we had the very difficult task of removing (2) generators with (2) ATS units and splitting up the emergency systems into critical life, safety, and equipment. Each system was also separated by a 480 volt and 120/208-volt system. The end result was 9 ATS units and (1) 950kw Generator.

The separation of the one-line emergency system was done without shutting down the hospital and without loss of power to the customer. The Phase II Plans were approximately 90% Engineered with the remaining 10% completed using a design assist method.

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