Granger High School

Owner: Granite School District

Architect: Naylor Wentorth Lund

Electrical Engineer: BNA

General Contractor: Jacobsen

Location: West Valley City, UT

Completion Date: July 2013

Electrical Cost: $8,192,900

Granite School District’s $78 million Granger High School is a 444,000 square-foot, three story, educational facility with more than 400 classrooms to house nearly 2500 students. It is currently Utah’s largest High School, featuring a state of the art indoor pool, indoor running tack, innovative science labs, three gymnasiums, vocational trades shops, a beautiful 1,500-seat auditorium, and much more. Each turn down it’s spacious hallways displays it’s cutting edge methods in the world of construction.

This facility has no shortage of integrating the latest of today’s technology. The facilities use of electrical systems and energy efficient lighting package, and natural lighting, display the attention of today’s modern designers.

The Granger High School project was so successful it was named by ENR magazine as the best K-12 school project in the region for 2013. Through successful value engineering efforts Wilkinson Electric and others saved in excess of 1-Million dollars to be returned to the owner, with $786,000 of returned savings from Wilkinson Electric’s Value Engineering alone.

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