Blue Bunny Ice Cream Plant

Owner: Wells Dairy, Inc.

Architect: Gleeson Construction Inc.

Electrical Engineer: Gleeson Construction Inc.

General Contractor: Gleeson Construction Inc.

Location: St. George, UT

Completion Date: May 2004

Electrical Cost: $6,500,000

The Blue Bunny Ice Cream Plant was a 187,000-square foot Design-Assist industrial facility from a mere set of blue prints. Wilkinson Electric worked daily with the owner to design the electrical system for the specialized equipment used to make the ice cream and other dairy products.

The Blue Bunny Ice Cream Plant project was setup as a cost-plus contract which was completed on time and below the owner’s budget. The project at the high point had (52) Electricians, (2) Parts Runners, (1) Electrical Superintendent, (1) General Foreman, (4) Electrical Foreman, and (1) Project Manager.

Towards the end of the job, Wilkinson Electric was awarded the water treatment plant portion of the project. This water treatment plant would treat the waste water products coming from the ice cream plant before it could be turned over to the city treatment plant. During this project, Wilkinson Electric also had 10 other Southern Utah electrical projects putting Wilkinson Electric’s Southern Utah man power at over 90 electricians.

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